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    Nice upgrade over the stock Z-Cam battery mount. This mount lets me use the Tilta NP-F / V-Mount adapter without worrying that the pins will break off the back of the camera (which is known to happen with the stock Z-Cam battery mount). Zitay gets bonus points for including a pair of extra-long screws for the top which fit with the Tilta HDMI bracket, allowing me to use both the battery mount and HDMI bracket together with no modifications. My only gripe is that the battery pin has a bit of play in it, meaning that once you snap on the V-Mount adapter, it has some room to wiggle up and down. I haven’t had it disconnect any power yet, but the amount of give is a bit annoying. Aside from that, this mount is perfect.
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    Very clever product that makes my E2S6 longer lasting. Its very lightweight but also very robust. Would recommend to ever Z Cam owner, really. Also a fast shipping to germany!
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    I was going to buy one of these for Blackmagic Pocket 6k pro. But unfortunately they designed this battery with the cable coming out the side of the battery instead of the bottom. Not sure why they wouldn't think to make one that could be used with the pocket 6k pro. But that excludes a whole market of people. Oh well🤷‍♂️
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    This product so far has met all expectations and done exactly what it said it would do..rare these days! I also purchased the Zitay CFast Reader, pleasantly surprised with the metal build quality and USB-C and USB3 adapter, clever. I'll be back!
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    received the dummy batteries within two weeks. they work great, tried it out with various USB c power supplies and power banks. This product would be perfect if it had a 1.5m cable, so I would not need an extension cable to run the camera from a power bank that's in my pocket. Now I just use a USB c female-female adapter and a longer cable.
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    Used this to power Canon R5 while on the DJI RS2. Worked wonderfully for the first few shoots.
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    Seems like a solid device solution. However, what is not outlined is the fact that you have to buy a SSD and disassemble to use it with this adapter. I thought this was a plug and play solution, but you have to reassemble the drive to interface with your computer. Its a bit time consuming... unless I'm missing something. The image of this adapter looks like the WHOLE SSD fits into the holder. I have yet to test it as I have to buy another HD I'm willing to take apart first. This should be made clearer in the item description.
    Service: The SSD can be directly unplugged and the data can be copied on the computer through a USB to SATA cable

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    So far so good. Have used the dummy battery for he BMPCC to power the camera on the DJI RS2 and it works as expected. Very happy with the customer service I received from Zitay. Looking forward to tying out some more of their products.
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    Highly recommend this product. Charges the battery fast incredibly small and saves so much space even with wall plug and cable. Lights indicated charge levels very well and very clear indicators.Definitely bringing this everywhere and using it before shoots will save production and give peace of mind!
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    it's a great product, works well with my camera worth to buy very econoic
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    works great for my ursa mini, but need msata ssd card no complaints at least this converter price is cheap
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    So far so good,Works well with my Canon C300, already recommend to pal
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    Using CFast 2.0 cards can be super expensive, However, if you are shooting footage using a cinema camera, you have to buy one or several. Then, you have to make sure the read and write speeds will work with your specific camera. This zitay cfast to ssd adapter can save your budget.
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    It's is awesome,I got this adapter at special price, saved a lot and it's new item, easy to attach to my pocket camera cage.
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    A great alternative to CFast 2.0 cards. Works great with my Canon C200 and C200B. I should give five star if support M.2 SSD, this item is MSATA SSD one
    Service: M.2 SSD adapter is available:
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    I should give 5 star if the SSD supports 2.5 SSD, anyway it's very useful
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    I received the SSD adapter from Zitay. It works and almost like promised, except it will not do 4K/120p, but everything else works well as description.
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    I use this on the URSA mini, it works flawlessly, and also doesn't use the back SDI port (the BMD adapter does). The only downside is you can't close the door completely, and you need to find a place to put the adapter - but I have a cage so it's not an issue, and I can use the back SDI to run video village.
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    Works as advertised. Great quality construction.
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    Fist Impressions - ZITAY CF Express A to SSD on my Sony FX6. Overall, It works and works well (tested with a Samsung 1TB 970 Evo). Some notes: - You will get a warning about Not Guaranteed Media but I had no issues recording with any of the formats (including S&Q @ UHD 100fps). - You can mount it directly to the FX6 with the screw on the body of the ZITAY (see pic) and it works OK with out fouling access to buttons, handles etc (but could be improved) - There is no issue shooting with the media card door open on the FX6 - I also had no issue with the ZITAY CFExpress Type A Card Reader that I also purchased. Suggestions: - Make the NVME Enclosure tool less (like many USB C nvme enclosures) - Allow the mounting screw to be on any of the four corners as with the FX6 you need to mount it as shown the route the cable backwards creating bends and twists and then a much shorter cable would work really well - You can just pull out the CF Express adapter from the FX6 body (you don't have to press it in first for the click ).... I'm not sure if this can be fixed but if you snag the cable (as the door is open) then the drive will disconnect. Photo -
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