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    Item dispatched quickly with tracking. Item works well with my Canon 1DX Mark III. Very pleased, will be ordering another one.
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    Great product. Also helpful customer service via whatsapp. love the quality.
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    Great upgrade and protection for Z Cam battery compartment. Works as it should and provides stability for battery compartment
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    Great economic solution against the higher priced Cfastcards. Easy to install on my Canon c200. Closing door with a little force. There is some pressure on the cable. I hope that it will keep strong. To prevent problems I remove the adapter if the camera is not used.
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    First impressions very positive. After installing the first test with R5 in serial mode without any problem. Time will show the value.
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    Works great to power my Sony A7IV with the Zitay 10.8v External battery.
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    Hola , quería saber de que manera puedo actualizar el firmware de Zitay ZF41. Gracias
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    Great charger, I bought this charger off Amazon. Super happy with it. My batteries charge fast and at the same time. I no longer need extra chargers and find more outlets at my events. Very convenient to have!
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    This is a great product for people like me suffer from high price cf type b card. I am using PCIe 4.0 SSD. Also can use on my GH6 camera and laxer card reader with no issue.
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    使えないと言われていたZ6.Z7にBG4。物は試しと使ってみたら使えましたので ここで共有しておきます カメラ ニコン Z6 ファームウェア 3.50 SSD KIOXIA bg4 256GB FW 10410106(DELLのOEMかな?) フォーマット MBRでOEMのデータも全部削除 これであっさり認識してくれました 本体でのフォーマットも要求されませんでしたが 念のためフォーマット、問題なく完了 動画に関してですが1080/60Pで30分完走 自分の使用環境に適合できましたので大満足です スロットへの挿入も渋さをさほど感じませんでした
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    never have to pay for overpriced CFExpress cards again. 512 GB NVMe m.2 Gen 3 and Gen 4 2230 cards are around $50 on eBay. Absolute no brainer. I found out about adapter from DPReview forums. Ordered one right away since I had an extra 2230 laying around after upgrading my SteamDeck’s SSD. The kit was easy to put together and everything worked flawlessly. The only thing I would add to this kit is Loctite. With the small screws, you really don’t want to tighten it too much that you might snap the heads off the screws. Loctite is just extra security for me knowing the screws will not back out. Shot with the newly assembled card in my Z9 and Z6 without any accidents. Card ejected without issues (something that are an issue with other adapters) so sanding and de-burring were not required. I’m so impressed with the initial kit, I writing this review after buying the second one. I will likely buy 4 more to replace all my current cards.
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    Nicely packaged with all the tools and accouterments you need to squish one of those small M.2 NVME PCI-E drives into a CFexpress Type B Card. It couldn’t have been easier to do, but a warning, though, those screws are SMALL. I used a spare 256GB card, and whether I was testing it via a card reader to a PC or laptop or using it in my Fujifilm X-H2, this was fast. Simply smashing, old cha
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    Fonctionne parfaitement. A force d’utiliser l’usb-c pour enregistrer sur mon ssd, le connecteur commençait à devenir fragile. Mais avec ce branchement Cfast vers ssd de zitay, le branchement est fermement maintenu. En plus, gros avantage, le branchement passe à droite, du côté du bras du gimbal. Donc plus aucun problème de tirer accidentellement sur le câble. Point négatif: impossible de fermer le cache à carte mémoire car le câble est trop épais. Mais même avec le cache ouvert, ça vaut largement le coût de passer sur ce système (en y réfléchissant bien, quand tu enregistre avec le câble usb-c, tu laisse bien le cache ouvert et les autres connectiques autour sont à découvert et ça dérangent personnes…). Bref, je recommande !
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    Great design! Works very well and I now do not have to worry about breaking the plastic battery mount on my camera. It is well crafted and the tolerances are great. And all that while remaining very light. The only (very small) negative is that I received it with 3 torx head screws and one philips head screw. Someone has been mixing up some screws :-)
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    I cannot suggest this enough. It completely transformed my F6. It's so smooth and easy to remove the battery even with the antenna looking down. Beautiful metallic build. Works amazing!!! Feels so sturdy!!
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    Great item, well thought out will make my ZCam battery mount last longer. Was always a problem before mounting the battery on the camera. Now it’s a breeze. I would definitely recommend this product to others :-)
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    I just received my Zitay 7.2V External Battery and LP-E6 Canon Dummy Battery for my Canon DSLR 5D MK II. The battery is larger than I imagined and came fully charged. I haven't had a chance to test it for a long shoot, so I can't speak to how long it will last, but based on the specs it should last a whole night of astrophotography. The Dummy battery fits perfectly in my camera and I can even close the battery door. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a long-lasting battery for drawn out shooting times.
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    Nice upgrade over the stock Z-Cam battery mount. This mount lets me use the Tilta NP-F / V-Mount adapter without worrying that the pins will break off the back of the camera (which is known to happen with the stock Z-Cam battery mount). Zitay gets bonus points for including a pair of extra-long screws for the top which fit with the Tilta HDMI bracket, allowing me to use both the battery mount and HDMI bracket together with no modifications. My only gripe is that the battery pin has a bit of play in it, meaning that once you snap on the V-Mount adapter, it has some room to wiggle up and down. I haven’t had it disconnect any power yet, but the amount of give is a bit annoying. Aside from that, this mount is perfect.
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    Very clever product that makes my E2S6 longer lasting. Its very lightweight but also very robust. Would recommend to ever Z Cam owner, really. Also a fast shipping to germany!
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    it works
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